50 Kisses on BBC Midlands Tonight

Today I went to BBC Broadcasting house to record a piece for the BBC Midlands article on 50 Kisses ahead of the screening this weekend on the Giant Screen in Birmingham.

The interview was short, maybe three minutes. And they used only 25 seconds or so, which is all pretty standard.

What it did remind me though was to have that killer 20 second soundbite, the one that’s so good, so juicy, they have to use it. Ultimately you are at the mercy of the editing team, who no doubt are at the sharp end of deadlines. So make their life easy and give them short and pithy 20 second chunks. If you do, they will use more of you and less of other interviews that are harder to edit. And above all, remember to name check the product – event, movie, website – so people know what you are talking about.

Chris Jones

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