And the screenplay award goes to…

Amidst the excitement and exhilaration of this weekend’s London Screenwriters Festival, we announced the winner of the 50 Kisses Screenplay Award to a packed Hall in the Keynote speech.

Who won?

“Enough” by Kirsty McConnell (Read script here)

Screenwriting Legend John August said of the script “What I like about “Enough” is that such a simple scene outlines such a complicated–but familiar–situation. We’re invited to figure out what happened and what these characters want in the aftermath of an offscreen revelation. The resulting kiss is both unexpected and justified”

Death at a Funeral Writer Dean Craig said “(The script)Manages to be intriguing, relatable, emotionally resonant and surprising, and best of all it feels real. This is a writer with great instincts”

Wow, well done Kirsty! Praise indeed.

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