Sarah Page’s mum, came to BAFTA and wrote us a blog

Sarah Page, writer of ‘Beryl’ and winner of the Audience Award for 50 Kisses, brought her mum to the BAFTA screening. And she wrote us a blog about her experience. Here it is…

At the ‘50 Kisses’ showing at BAFTA Chris Jones asked me to do a blog about the film. I admit I have “blagged” a few times before, but never blogged. My daughter was very sceptical at the time especially when Chris walked away and I told her I didn’t actually know what a blog was. I don’t tweet, twitter or use the face book.

I got a real buzz when I entered the BAFTA building in Piccadilly, especially when I turned to look up the stairs and the golden mask was staring back at me.

We went straight in to the screening room and I was excited to see my daughter’s film ‘Beryl’. It was a great moment in my life to hear such a large audience laughing at something my daughter had helped to create.

However, I admit I wasn’t expecting to be so enthralled by the other 49 Kisses. The films covered the full gambit of emotions, one moment I was shocked, the next scared and the next moved to tears. I think the whole audience had “a moment” with the hit man and I think the zombie scenes will have put a few people off their dinner!

Sarah was relieved I’d managed to stay awake. Sadly I am famous in our family for falling asleep in the cinema and theatre. Once I dropped off during a performance of King Lear and snorted myself awake making half the audience jump. Needless to say I don’t get given expensive theatre tickets as gifts anymore.

After the film there was a drinks reception and we got to meet the lovely ladies that featured in Sarah’s film. I was so busy looking for famous people in the members bar that I nearly knocked someone over…not very cool behaviour. I did get to meet a “Death Eater” from the Harry Potter films who showed me the best way to stop the Hogwarts Express, which was nice.

I got a bit of star treatment with a joint photo with the daughter. We struck a serious pose with the film’s poster but when someone bent over and stuck their bum in the cameraman’s face the sophisticated pose collapsed into fits of the giggles including the cameraman…one for the cutting room floor I expect.

I’m very proud of Sarah for winning the Audience Award as well as the award given to the Screenwriters. Now her Grandmother and I don’t need to fight over which one of us get to keep her award as we have one each. I’m going to keep the Audience Award though as the first one is chipped after Sarah dropped it numerous times whilst enjoying herself at the ’50 Kisses’ premiere.

Sarah Page’s Mum

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