50 Kisses Masterclass 1 – recutting your film

As part of 50 Kisses we have invited filmmakers to act on our feedback and that of the community. Already, one filmmaking team, Sweet Home Films in LA has made their film over 20% shorter, fixed some audio problems and overall radically improved their work.

Here is their first edit… watch and read on.

They submitted their edit, like so many filmmakers also did, as their final edit – with the feedback and the time to reflect though, rather smartly, they have recut their film and improved it. The lesson here for us all is to seek credible feedback BEFORE we complete – and for 50 Kissers in particular, almost every film we have seen could be improved. You have go so far already, you should go the distance right?

OK, if you have not already done so, watch the first cut above now… Than read the notes below…

Have you watched the film yet? Go on, it’s worth it, really – watch BEFORE reading the notes to see if you feel the way I did.

OK, here were my notes on the edit above…

  • Lovely performances building on a very personal script.
  • Could be 25% shorter, look at what chunks of dialogue you could drop.
  • Long shot looking into bathroom is awkward edit at 1:07
  • Can you change dialogue audio perspective when camera in hallway, make if feel more authentic again at 1:07
  • Flashback too long and self indulgent
  • Trim, trim…trim!
  • Repeat dialogue from start but at end to echo the endless nature of her condition

And here is the recut…

Can you see just how much better it has become, tighter, more fluid, how you don’t miss those trimmed 50 seconds? Consider this when cutting your films, they can almost always be tighter and will be better for it.

Remember, filmmaking is the art of the most with the least.

Team 50 Kisses

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