’50 Kisses’ Plays Gallup, New Mexico

On the evening of February 13th, here in Gallup, New Mexico, we held a pot-luck dinner and screened “50 Kisses” in the private showing room at the El Morro Theatre in downtown Gallup. A number of local filmmakers and film enthusiasts were in attendance. Twenty people turned out for our little premiere, which was perfect because the dinner-and-a-movie setup only sat twenty. Full house!

Our audience loved the film. People laughed and jumped and held their breath at all the right moments. The stories were a nice mix of comedy, horror, and drama. You never knew what to expect next. When the end credits began rolling, it came as a shock—like some of the twists in the stories. It was hard to believe that we had just watched so many shorts in so short a time. Surely that says something about the quality of your writers, directors, and producers.

Kudos to all those who participated in this project. “50 Kisses” was a great Valentine’s day treat, and it gave us the perfect opportunity for a dinner-and-a-movie event and a local film foundation fundraiser. Thank you and the best of luck to all those involved!

Steve Heil
Theatre Manager, El Morro Theatre
Gallup, NM 87301, USA

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