’50 Kisses’ Plays In Montreal, Canada

Here in Montreal we had a little get together of 18 people in my downstairs media room on Feb 16th.

It was a fun evening of friends and fellow tech heads anxiously waiting to finally see the final product that was years in the making. Everyone was punctual and from the moment I hit Play on the DVD player, the room grew quiet. It was exciting!

The mood was right and having just celebrated Valentine’s day, the 50 Kisses film was a great way of extending the emotions of the holiday weekend.

I spent more time watching reactions than the actual film personally. There were chuckles and smiles. Time flew by and when it was over, a burst of applause! The questions and comments came out naturally. “How did you become a part of this?” “So cool!”, “Chapeau!” (which is a french way of saying Congratulations!) “You should be proud!” “Way better than some movies I have seen lately!”

I knew my part was a small one if anything at all but there was my name in the credits and it took me back to the time I was yelling “Action!” and then making a toast when we wrapped up our little 2 minute movie.

Congratulations to all involved in the making of 50 Kisses. A truly original and life changing experience for the majority who took part in this collaborative effort.

Peter Nothing
Filmmaker and 50 Kisses Local Exhibitor
Montreal, Canada

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