50 kisses – The Moment… by screenwriter Stephen Cooper

I still find it crazy that ‘The Moment’ has created so many different opportunities and previews of life ahead. Through this little two minute script and the 50 kisses competition I have seen my idea come to life through a number of fantastic and exciting film makers, I have networked with producers, wrote a pilot for a TV show and received my first paid writer’s credits for this show.

I have spoke to agents and still today get regular emails from different people involved with the different versions of ‘The Moment’.

I have seen different versions play, and win awards, at festivals across the globe and got nominated myself for 50 kisses scriptwriters award.

All this from a two minute script.

And now I still have the premiere of the whole 50 kisses feature to come. A chance to see all the winning films together and see everyone’s hopefully similar, of even better journeys, up on the screen together and to meet the writers and film makers in person. Is going to be a great night.

I had entered competitions before, even done well in a couple, but for me 50 kisses offered something a little different. It was a competition run by the people that hold the London screenwriters festival. To me that added a little more prestige to the competition. I was aware that my writing was improving but this felt like a chance to validate that in a big way. Through all the success I’ve spoke of above I can safely say I’ve had that validation and am sure that nothing will hammer that home more than seeing my work up on the big screen.

Again, all this from a two minute script.

It’s always said that everyone’s route to becoming a professional within the film industry is different. That you never know what the thing is that’s going to take you to that next level. While I’m not there yet, I know that bare minimum ‘The Moment’ and 50 kisses has given me a preview of what it can be like and for that I will always have a special place for the short and for the competition.

See you all at the premiere.

Stephen Cooper

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