’50 Kisses’ UK Cinema release strategy and plan…

We now have a fine cut of the movie with around 26 films included. This is still in slight flux for a few reasons, but essentially we are there. The running time is around 90 minutes.

I can confirm that all filmmakers that responded to our request for credits have been credited and a short clip of their film is featured in the end titles.

1. We will do a targeted release in London, opening on Valentines night 2014. The plan will be to fill key screenings on that night and over the following weekend. This should give us an exceptional screen average. This will make the release newsworthy in the film industry, platforming the project, writers and filmmakers.

2. The first screening will be the official premiere. I am fighting for a red carpet and black tie affair. We will see how the cinema reacts. We will announce the winners at the premiere too.

3. We have no money to release the film, so we will need to run a small crowd funding campaign. We will be releasing the budget soon. We will ask you to get behind the campaign when it launches later this year.

4. We will run the release completely transparently so you can see where the money goes. We are aiming to break even. If we make any profits, which is unlikely, we will use that to develop the website for the next Create 50 Project so the process can run much more smoothly next time. Again, all the numbers will be shared so you can see everything. We will announce the next Create 50 project at the premiere.

5. We will need you to support the film release and we will offer a press training event later this year. We will train you to become advocates and publicists for the film. These will be skills you can carry forward onto your films too. Everyone will be welcome to this initiative.


7. We will ask you to come to the screenings over the opening weekend, and bring as many friends as you can. You will need to buy tickets in advance for this. Please bring EVERYONE.

8. Each screening will feature a Q and A with filmmakers and writers involved. We will spread these out so we get as many people to speak as we can. It also gives you incentive to get all of your friends and family to specific screenings.

9. Once the film has played in cinemas, we will release the entire movie online free. You can screen it anywhere you like. Living room, local church hall, cinema… go for it! We have not locked down logistics for this yet, but we would LOVE it if we could get screenings in as many countries as possible, with blogs and photos to accompany. Let’s make this a global release!

10. Remember, our real agenda is to get reviews and coverage in the press for the writers, filmmakers and the project as a whole. Support it vigorously and all that effort will pay off.

We have worked closely with our distributor, David Wilkinson, who we are delighted to have involved, as he is an expert in releasing challenging micro budget films.

On a personal note, there have been some comments that there have been very few updates lately. This is true, largely because my mum has cancer and I had to take time out to help her through chemotherapy. She is currently in radiotherapy. Thank you for all the kind messages on Facebook, and she is doing well – I am sure she will be at the premiere cheering!

Finally, I want to just state for the record, none of our team has been paid any money to run 50 Kisses. We have no funding and no resources other than what we can beg, borrow or steal. It has cost us all a lot of time, money and energy to make it happen. I include you in that statement too. We are indeed, all in it together.

We have collectively made 50 Kisses because we love the idea, and because we can.

It’s going to be awesome! I will be in touch.


PS – Many of you have submitted your films to festivals. If you have had success or learned anything, please write us a blog entry and share the experience.


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