And the winnner is…

So the votes are in and we can now reveal the top ten scripts for 50 Kisses. The winner will be revealed at the London Screenwriters’ Festival next week.

So to be clear, this is just the best screenplay award. There will still be awards for best film which could go to any of the films based on any of the 50 scripts. There will also be other awards for acting, camera, editing etc.

Judging has also been fascinating, with our judges split over the best script. It has really highlighted how judging a creative endeavor is nothing like the Olympics, you simply cannot prove a winner by running fastest, jumping highest, throwing furthest… this is all opinion.

However, one script did creep ahead of the pack, and when cross referenced with filmmaker votes for production, the gap widened and we had a clear winner.

So in no particular order, here are the ten shortlisted scripts for the 50 Kisses Best Screenplay Award (and links to read them).

The winner will be announced in the keynote speech at the London Screenwriters’ Festival on October 26th.Don’t forget to read and rate the scripts too.

Love Team 50 Kisses x

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