‘Colton’s Big Night’, Behind the Scenes with Sebastian Solberg

Last week we had the cast and crew screening for ‘Colton’s Big Night’.

The showing was in London at the Genesis Cinema. It was a wonderful night with all the cast and lots of the crew members turning up to see their hard work on the big screen.

We also showed the Making Of, which touches on the idea that developments in technology have given everyone and their dog the ability to make a film; of course, the result of this is that the film and television industry has become extremely competitive and, more than ever, in order to excel you must stand out.

It’s important to remember that technology is just a tool, an ever-changing tool that helps bring an artist’s or filmmakers vision to life. When admiring a beautiful painting, unless you’re an artist, your first reaction is “that’s an amazing painting” not “the paint brush used is incredible”. Technology will always be improved on, but in the end what really makes a film last and stand out is the subject matter – ‘the story’!

Sebastian Solberg

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