Enough by Simon Straub

The first desicion we had to make was choosing a script. It was rather easy because we had certain limits, no money, not much time to prepare and the cast had to be easy available. “Enoungh” gave us all that.

A simple but strong story, we did not have to change locations and the actors were quickly cast out of an acting school our team has connections to.

In preparation and since we are from Gremany we had to change and adapt a few minor things in the script. Kirsty, the author has been most supportive of all our changes and made it real easy for us to produce our short film.

For shooting itself we had two days. Day one was not the start we imagined. A surprise party was thrown in the neighbors yard and our soundassistent had the most difficult time recording the dialogue. But we managed in the end. Since we did not have much time for preparation the actors had to adapt quickly to a few changes without losing focus or the storyline. So all in all it wasn’t too easy but hey, it’s exciting to have a challange and rising to the occasion.

On the second day we had a major setback. It started to rain and we lost valuable time. We had to wait inside and jump out as soon as it stoped raining, only to shoot for another minute or so. And even though you could not see the rain in the camera the small drops ruined a few shots as they left traces on the costumes. It was nerve-racking in the beginning but when everyone finally calmed down we managed to get a routine and started shooting efficiently again. So in the end we got everything we set out to achieve and hopefully the postproduction will bring out an even better result.

Simon Straub


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