Making Love Letters by Sue Whiting

A snog, Valentine’s night, a two minute script – easy. So what on earth made me think of setting it in an optician’s? No idea. Various stuff filters through the murky quagmire that is my brain: sunsets, violins, roses, impossibly handsome men… stop.

The practicality button clicks on and all images are dumped in the pink impracticality bin.

Opticians? Still no clue. Need to find story… with a twist… that can be made on a budget of thin air and good wishes. That means a location that is handy and a cast and crew who are in it for love. But first I need the story.

An online card design provides the key and from there, after a few muddy rambles with Gilhoolie the wolfhound, the romance just falls into place. It is then just a matter of finding an optometrist crazy enough to hand over the keys to his consulting room with all its precious equipment to a bunch of filmmakers under pain of death not to touch anything that looks remotely delicate or expensive. And, as luck would have it, a friend knows just such a man!

Sue Whitting

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