50 Kisses promo music winner announced…

Earlier this year we ran an initiative to find music tracks for 50 Kisses. Thank you to everyone who entered their songs. We had great fun listening to them, and were quickly able to make a shortlist.

The shortlist ended up playing more like the soundtrack to a very cool indie movie than a competition and is something we have playing time and time again in the office. Take a listen!

What became clear is that one song in particular worked incredibly well for the Promo reel we were cutting together – and although we will use other, as yet unchosen, songs in the feature we chose Stunt Poetry’ by Tess Tyler as the 50 Kisses promo music.

Well done Tess. We loved the song. And weren’t the only ones.

Comments on Tess’ song Stunt Poetry, from SoundCloud are below.

“Great Beats” Rhian Hutchings

“This has to be the best track of the lot. Really talented composer” Cath Stabb

“Best one so far” Douglas Caldow

“Boom!” Lexical Design

The promo will be out later this week. Keep your eyes peeled, and your ears at the ready for Tess’ tune.

Team 50 Kisses

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