‘Never Forget’ by LCB Films enters festivals

Never Forget is a short, part of a british competition and if it wins will be part of the feature film “50 Kisses“.

It is also the first film I directed and was a director of photography (yes both at the same time). As you may have realized by now, it is a big deal for me, you truly NEVER FORGET your first work.

Chris Jones (the mentor of this project), encouraged everyone involved to send their works to festivals, it would help spread the bigger picture. So I did it.

With all said and done, I am here incredibly happy to announce that “Never Forget” was picked for it’s first festival here in Brazil! Will be screened on May 18th in Florianópolis by the ArtDéco Festival. I could not be happier that my first work was picked for it’s first festival, the first time I applied!

I only have to thank my incredible team that made this possible, easy and a pleasure. Also Chris Jones for giving opportunities like this and Peter Carruthers for writing a script that made me want to produce it so badly!

I still can’t believe and I hope I can feel this way everytime!

I’ll be the crazy one in the festival just seeing my dreams come true.

Carolina Rodrigues


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