Why 50 Kisses has given my music career a boost, by Fuzzy Jones

50 Kisses has given me the boost and confidence I needed to launch my music out into the world of film.

A track I sing on and wrote the lyrics for, ‘Swans’, is being used in the end credits of 50 Kisses (track below). After having so many doors shut in my face and blank responses to my letters, being chosen to have my song, ‘Swans’ on the end credits, gave me the confidence to write to Feature Editors like Lisa Gunning.

Lisa recently wrote back to me with the most lovely email, full of advice which gave me even more confidence to go forth and conquer! This has been amazing, seeing as last year I was feeling rubbish whilst suffering from depression and stress. All I want to do is write songs for films!

Thank you ’50 Kisses’.

I send my love to you! See you at the premiere!

Fuzzy Jones
(Love of the Brave)

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