Welcome to 50 Kisses Training Day, Feb 1st 2014

Do you want a free one day training course of distribution and marketing?

Do you want to support 50 Kisses?

Date: Feb 1st 2014 (9.30am to 4.30pm)
Venue: Ealing Film Studios
Price: FREE

This one day event will train you in marketing and PR so that you can promote both your own films, AND ’50 Kisses’.

Here’s the deal. You come along free, we train you, and you promise to do your bit to promote 50 Kisses.

Even if you were not involved in 50 Kisses, or if you wrote a script that didn’t get selected, or made a film that was not in the final movie, I urge you to engage and be part of this experience. You will learn loads and the greater community will hugely benefit from your contribution.

What you will learn…

▪ How a UK theatrical release works
▪ How to make the most from self distributing a feature film
▪ How to manage PR and marketing
▪ How to get your message out in traditional media (TV / radio / newspapers)
▪ How to maximise Social Media
During the day there will be guest speakers and plenty of workshop interaction.

See you there for an extraordinary day!

Chris Jones

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