Do you as a filmmaker or writer involved in 50 Kisses want to see it play at festivals?

What Shall We Do With 50 Kisses AFTER the Premiere? An open question and a few words of tough love.

We have a number of things we can do with 50 Kisses after the premiere. First, we could release it on the internet free. This would mean anyone can watch it, anyone could embed it on their pages, blog etc. And most likely it will get millions of views. That’s a REAL result.

However, if we do that, we will not be able to enter 50 Kisses to film festivals. I do believe some festivals will take the film as it is quite eclectic and has an interesting story behind how it was made. But if we are to enter festivals, we need commitment from you, the filmmakers and screenwriters, to really get involved and help.

It is after all your film… and our film as a community.

Right now, the 80/20 principle is working for the release of the film.

80% of the writers and filmmakers have checked out, and the amazing results we are getting is coming from the 20% of folk who have taken a stand for their film, their career and the cast and crew who helped them make their film.

For whatever reason, the remaining 80% are not helping promote their films or 50 Kisses. This blows my mind. In less than a week something extraordinary is going to happen and 80% of people involved are simply handing that opportunity to others.

Worse, they are conveniently forgetting about the screenwriters whose script they used, about their cast and crew who worked tirelessly no doubt.

If you are getting a bit angry about this post, it’s because you KNOW you should be doing more.

Otherwise, you may be nodding your head in agreement as you are in the 20%.

Even after repeated emails requesting help and support, aside from a few smart, savvy and focused people, the results from the community have been, well… 80/20.

Remember, we have 2,000 people credited on the film.

So ask yourself, have you done everything you can to help 50 Kisses? To promote YOUR involvement, career and film? Filmmaking is about the long haul, not just the shoot.

And do not make the mistake of assuming someone else is going to do it for you. They are not. And in one weeks time, no-one will report on 50 Kisses and your involvement. That genie will be out of the bottle.

So yes tough words from me because I want YOU to succeed and get the most from this once only opportunity. And because I want the WHOLE project to succeed, because if it does, WE ALL SUCCEED.


1. Can you do more to promote 50 Kisses now? Get on the phone, invite people to the premiere, call journalists, Facebook, Tweet…

2. If we are to attempt a global festival campaign, which country are YOU prepared to take on and own? We will do the UK, but will you take on another? Will you commit to getting it submitted? Will you attend and do a Q and A and on the ground marketing? What support will you actually offer?

Finally, I want to share something surprising. The most activity we are getting in regard to publicity for 50 Kisses is coming from people who were not involved, or whose film or script did not make it to the final film. Isn’t that amazing? People you don’t know are taking a stand for you and your film?

These guys rock and we all owe them a debt of gratitude…

Here’s a mail I got from Michael Morris in Puerto Rico to illustrate this beautifully …

‘COUNT ON ME! Even though I was not chosen even to the Long List, I have a special love for this collaborative Production. I will spread the word on all our 7 groups (around 30K members) here in Puerto Rico. I also want to be able to screen the movie here. COUNT ON ME FOR ANYTHING: Fundraising, promotion, etc.’

As the industry cliché states, success is 80% about showing up. So are you in or are you absent?

Please leave comments below.

Chris Jones


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