Help! I can’t make it all the way to the premiere for 50 Kisses!

I get it, for many it’s too far to come to London. While we will miss you on the red carpet, we REALLY want you to stay part of the process.

Do you want to hold your own local premiere on the 13th or 14th of February? It can be small (your living room) or BIG (a local cinema or anywhere with video projection and sound). Heck, why not an open air DIY cinema if you have the weather for it?

You can host it free, or charge a small fee to cover costs. You can go casual dress code or black tie like our premiere. It’s up to you, but we would always suggest making it as special as you can.

We can supply you with a file / DCP / DVD / BluRay if you can commit to getting it all together for the dates. We can also send you posters too.

All we ask is that you document it by taking photos and sharing your experience by writing us a blog entry – and if you can Tweet about it over the release too, that would be awesome.

In a perfect world, we would love to announce we are simultaneously premiering in ten countries around the world, making this a truly global event.

Want to get involved?

Drop Maureen an email and we will open the discussion as to what we can do next.

You can get her on…

Splendid! 50 Kisses is going Global!

Remember, the more we all put in now, the more we will all get out of it later!

Chris Jones

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