50 Kisses… run up to the premiere

First of all, my apologies for not making the final announcement before Christmas as promised, we had some technical issues that are now resolved, and I got hammered by the flu and am only just recovering.

So here’s what you need to know about what’s going on.

1. We WILL announce the films included in the final film this week, though do remember ALL films have been included in one way or another.
2. The premiere date is set for Feb 13th, just over 1 month away now.
3. It will be at a London cinema.
4. There will be a VIP after party that you and your guests can attend.
5. It will be a red carpet / posh frock and black time event.
6. It will be AWESOME.
7. We will also hold the awards that evening.
8. We will announce the award categories in the next few weeks.
9. Tickets will not be free, we need to pay for venue, BBFC classification, posters, DCP etc. Ticket price to be confirmed in the next few days.
10. Our aim is to break even and we will share all financial accounts with the community.
11. The capacity is 500 seats and we really need to fill it.
12. We will be making cinema posters and yes you can have one.

We also need your help to reach out to your friends, family and anyone you know, to invite them and inspire them to come along to the premiere. It will be huge fun, a great night out, we are even hiring a professional photographer to snapping pix of you on the red carpet so you can share on Facebook and social media.

We also plan a ‘Training Day’ the first weekend of Feb – this will be a free workshop to train you in media and PR so you can become an advocate of the film in a more engaged and powerful way. This workshop will also train you how to DIY release a film in the UK too. Dates and venue TBC in coming days.

OK that’s enough for now – keep an eye out for 50 Kisses Updates, they should be coming in regularly now.

And remember, this process has been as much about the learning as it has been about the writing and the filmmaking – STAY ENGAGED at a high level as you will receive LOADS of personal insight into the difficult stages or marketing and distribution.

This film belongs to the community and we owe it to ourselves to shout about it form the highest buildings!

Chris Jones


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