Recording The Directors Chat Track For Dream Date, the film that keeps on giving!

As is true with many things that came out of Dream Date, this was our first ever Director’s Commentary.

If you’re hoping to find a detailed discussion from which you might learn specific filmmaking techniques, this probably won’t be it. We decided to keep it simple and so it’s more of a genial description of our shoot and just follows what we saw on the screen while talking.

As we recorded, we remembered certain things about the shoot that we’d forgotten and tried to include these. We hope it gives you a little insight into our process as filmmakers and how we think about our stories. We like to tell stories from a slightly different angle than you might regularly see. This is why we changed the sex of one of the characters from the original script.

The recording process took longer than we thought because we kept remembering new things about the shoot. It was really fun taking a trip down memory lane. We laughed a lot!

The recording itself was super easy using the Voice Record app on an iPhone.

And now we have added another string to our bow.

Andromeda and Dianna

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