Screenwriter of ‘Neil’, Nigel Karikari remembers his 50 Kisses premiere in Australia

Screenwriter of ‘Neil’, Nigel Karikari remembers his 50 Kisses premiere in Australia.

So… 50 Kisses the Movie premiered and I was gutted not be able to be there as looking at the pics it was a pretty swish occasion! Luckily I had some friends and family who rocked up to check it out and keep me in the loop.  Thanks guys for the four thumb tweeting updates all through the night.

Almost simultaneously we had our own small screening here in Melbourne at Loop bar in their little theatrette which was cool and cosy. It’s funny, you never quite know what to expect when you screen a film for the first time, and that’s even if you’ve written yourself. But with so many other screenwriters and directors, and a loose theme to pull all the stories together you’d be forgiven for not expecting the earth. But…it was brilliant!

Playing off my laptop from an HD version I downloaded from The 50 Kisses team my friends and fellow filmakers squeezed in and after a brief intro from me we dimmed the lights, snuggled up and let the journey begin!  It proved to be a totally involving, slickly and considerately curated and edited experience which left you with a real sense that you had experienced a panoramic “fly-over’ of the diverse, troubled, uplifting and complicated landscape of love.

Well done again to everyone involved from the directors, screenwriters, cast and crew and the LSF team particularly Chris Jones. An amazingly ambitious achievement that I really think is more than just an exercise. It’s a real film!!

Throughout the next morning as I juggled my hangover I was getting the London Prem tweets ringside from my sister. Pics of the screenwriting award were very cute. My script Neil  (of which there were two very different complete versions featured in the final film) won between them won the following prizes:

  • Best Production Design, Laura Kettle for ‘Neil’
  • Best Editing, Anil Rao for ‘Neil’
  • Best Music, Daniel Pemberton for ‘Neil’
  • Best Sound Design, Ben Baird for ‘Neil’

Well done the filmmakers!!

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