Recording a DVD Chat Track For ’50 Kisses’ BluRay and DVD

Not content with the ‘herding cats’ experience that was getting filmmakers to send us their films for 50 Kisses. We have decided to do the DVD / BluRay writers and directors chat track!

What we plan is a special version of the film on the disk where the film will run in slow motion, giving filmmakers and writers triple the running time of their film for their chat tracks.

This worked really well on a short I made called Gone Fishing as it gives enough time to discuss in depth the process and choices, and not just whizz through it.

I have tested recording the track on an iPhone with ‘Voice Record Pro’ and the quality if amazing – that should mean everyone can get to a good enough recording device. We will upload the film in slow motion via Vimeo giving everyone the chance to watch and record their chat tracks remotely.

We are planning two separate chat tracks also, one for writers and one for filmmakers.

Let’s see how this comes together!

Chris Jones

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