The Final Cinema Version of 50 Kisses Is AMAZING!

This afternoon I headed into Soho to watch the final DCP (Digital Cinema Package) at SDC for ‘50 Kisses’, alongside a journalist friend who writes for, and reviews films, for the broadsheets.

His reaction? ‘50 Kisses significantly exceeded my expectations…’

I won’t say more till reviews begin to appear.

And I have to tell you, I too was pretty struck by just how amazing the final film has turned out. Running to ninety minutes down to the second, it never outstays its welcome by moving along at a fair clip and shifting genres on a dime – one moment you are laughing, the next gripping the sides of your seats…

I will write a fuller blog on what I saw in the actual DCP that is relevant to filmmakers, but the very bottom line is this.

Yes, you really can shoot on a £2,000 camera with very little support kit, post produce at home and create something that is FIT FOR PURPOSE. That is, something that looks and sounds like a movie that the public would be happy to pay money for.

I know this is not really big news, but it was quite extraordinary to see these movies that I had really only ever seen on a small internet video windows, blown up to cinema size and presented in a Dolby certified theatre – it really doesn’t get any better than that. And it looked CRACKING!

So congratulations to all the filmmakers who worked so hard making ‘50 Kisses’. I can’t wait to meet you on the red carpet at the premiere on the 13th.

Chris Jones

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