The Last Supper… SD Disaster! By James Cookson

As soon as I read the idea for the 50 Kisses filmmaking challenge I knew I wanted to be apart of it. Of all the scripts I read there was one that really stood out, Richard Greens “The Last Supper”.

Unfortunately like most projects I work on in my spare time, I left the shooting until the very last minute when a surge of guilt and stress propels me to work.

So one week before the deadline I shot my interpretation of “The Last Supper”.

I had 3 talented actors a makeup artist and a runner and we shot for 4 hours around a local restaurant. We managed to overcome the short turn around and very tight shooting schedule and get some really good footage. But after the shoot whilst backing up the footage I found that one of the SD Cards we’d recorded onto had become corrupted and the footage on that card was lost.

Despite coming so far I decided it was too late for reshoots and to scratch this one up to experience and bad luck. The deadline passed and I apologised to the actors, especially as they’d given their time for expenses only. After awhile I returned to what footage I had left to produce some scenes for the actors showreels. After viewing a few rushes I realized there was still a story I could tell.

A few hours later I had a cut and a big sense of regret for giving up so easily and not persevering with the film. So I hope you will check out my short and give me some feedback and comments I’d love to hear what you think.

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