50 Kisses Final Mastering: Making The DCP

To screen 50 Kisses in a cinema, we need to make a DCP.

This is a specific file supplied on an industry standard drive. We could make our own DCP using OpenDCP (low budget and a little risky), but the lovely people at Soho Digital Cinema are helping us out. I have always been in favour of letting professional do the final industry standard mastering to avoid things all going wrong at the very final hurdle.

In order for them to make the DCP I had to export the final edit – after much messing around with Quicktime files that were converted from DNxHD to ProRes moving from NTFS to exFAT (yes I know!), I decided to go old school and export the film as a TIFF stream, 16bit uncompressed.

It took over a day to export and the resulting folder was 1.5tb with each frame around 11mb!

Right… Onto the tube now and off to Soho Digital Cinema!

Chris Jones
50 Kisses Film


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