Don’t miss out on the big publicity opportunity at the 50 Kisses premiere

Are you trying to build a reputation as an independent filmmaker, writer, actor?

Are you on social media? If you are, then you’ll know the currency that photographs have – especially pictures of you and your friends/family at your premiere would have.

We will have an official photographer there to take photos and make you and your guests looking great on the red carpet. And without doubt, 50 Kisses will be trending throughout the night on social media as we now have premieres lined up in New Zealand, Australia, Canada, the US of A and other towns in the UK.

Be part of that and get the halo from it!

The 50 Kisses Premiere takes place on 13th February at the Genesis Cinema in London. Tickets are £19.99 per person and include entry to the 50 Kisses Awards, an official photo and of course the film itself.

See you there!

Chris Jones

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