Yes We Made The Lesbian Film: What 50 Kisses Means to Us at MakeLight Productions

Two women in black lingerie laying on a bed for the film 50Kisses.

Over a year ago, my partner, Andromeda Godfrey, said that we should do this 50 Kisses competition.

She has an uncanny intuition about these kinds of things so I always listen to her. Now we have a remarkable little film that is taking us places we always wanted to go and we have our first feature film credit. Pretty amazing.

With the World Premiere of 50 Kisses coming up next week, we want to confess that we are incredibly honoured to be a part of this exceptional filmmaking adventure. We also hope to inspire you to join us at the Genesis Empire cinema next Thursday night along with 100s of filmmakers, writers, actors, family and friends!

A group of people in a room collaborating on the 50Kisses project.

50 Kisses is the world’s first crowd-sourced film and the brainchild of Chris Jones, UK filmmaker, author, festival producer and multi-talented creative. With 50 Kisses, he has certainly helped others to make movies. 50 Kisses takes 50 two-minute films and collates them into one feature-length film. The entire project came together with the assistance of almost 4000 people. 2000 people received a mention in the credits of the final film.

That 127 filmmakers each produced one of the 50 winning scripts seems remarkable by itself. But then to think about the post-production for this artistic creation is humbling indeed. It is an astonishing feat of voluntary collaboration, ingenuity, originality and resourcefulness. And our film Dream Date is one of 25 films to be included in its entirety in this extraordinary feature film.

A group of people posing for a 50Kisses photo.

Our little film is also on its way around the festival world. It’s been to New York, California, Florida, Paris, Cannes, London and that is just the beginning of its journey. Soon it will visit Amsterdam, Melbourne and we are waiting patiently to hear from many other places. And on this journey we have learned so much about submitting to festivals! Know your audience and learn about your film festivals is now our motto.

50 Kisses has opened so many doors for us. We see this is just the beginning of an amazing adventure filled with so many creative and talented people.

We hope you will join us this Thursday at the World Premiere of 50 Kisses.

Andromeda and Diana

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